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How Workers And Employers Benefit From Staffing Services

For the amount of demand there is for employment in the job market, there can often be a major disconnect in how workers and companies come together. Whether you're looking for work or trying to fill a position, one solution that's worth a closer looking is dealing with staffing offices. These are organizations that are dedicated to placing workers with companies, setting up schedules and even handling payroll. If you're tired of the disconnect, here are three reasons why a staffing services provider may be a good place to look for help.

Alternatives to Traditional Ways of Filling Jobs

One of the most common ways a position is filled is when someone hears about the job from a person they trust. Perhaps an employee has a friend who mentions the position or a former student tells a professor who then tells their class. Beyond that, employers and workers come together through job listings, online posting sites, and advertisements.

The problem with this approach is it does a terrible job of giving the best candidates the best chance of landing in the right spots. How do you apply if no one in your network of friends and professionals tells you about it? What if you're on Job Site A and the company you'd do best with is on Job Site B? Staffing offices get to know the folks who seek work through them, and they can readily say who would be a good fit in a position.

Quick Availability

Developing a talent pool that can be accessed isn't easy even for the biggest companies on earth. Staffing offices keep lots of people on their rosters, and this allows them to provide excellent turnarounds. For the employer, this means getting someone into a job in a matter of days rather than weeks. For the employee, this means that they can skip the application process and just go straight to the worksite.

Skills Testing

Among the most infuriating parts of applying for work is trying to explain to an employer that you actually can do something. There isn't really a good way to show a company that you can make Excel macros fly like you're a wizard. When staffing offices conduct intakes, though, they also frequently perform skills tests. This allows them to get a good idea of what a person's proficiency is, and that can then be used to pair them with a company that needs them.