Making Your New Business a Success

Learn Some Reasons You May Want To Submit A Liquor License Application For Your Restaurant

When you are opening your own restaurant, the decisions you make along the way can determine the ultimate success of that restaurant. Just one of the many things you will need to consider is whether you should serve alcohol. If you do decide you want to serve alcoholic beverages in your establishment, then you will need to complete and turn in a liquor license application and have that application approved. When you are trying to decide if you want to serve alcohol, consider the following benefits it can offer with regard to your restaurant: 

Serving alcohol can increase the foot traffic

Your regular customers will know to come to your restaurant when they feel like eating a meal and don't mind going without an alcoholic drink with that meal. However, not serving alcohol can decrease the amount of foot traffic you can get coming into the establishment. When you have a liquor license approved and start to serve alcohol, you will likely find that you will start seeing a lot more foot traffic coming in each day. You can end up with a lot of people showing up right from work to enjoy a meal and some drinks. You will open your business up to a whole other target market when you serve alcohol, and that target market generally includes a large percentage of diners. 

You can host happy hour when you serve alcohol

When you decide to put through a liquor license application, get approved, and start to serve alcohol, you can also host a happy hour at your restaurant. Happy hour is a time of the day when you can serve your drinks for a reduced price. This is something that can draw in a large crowd. Keep in mind that those who may come in for the reduced prices on the drinks will often also end up eating meals. This can lead to them staying longer and spending even more money. A couple of tips for happy hour include scheduling it during a time when the restaurant is usually slow and also offering reduced prices on some of your appetizers. 

You will generally see that you get larger table orders when you serve alcohol

Depending on the area in which your restaurant is located, there may be laws that state a food item needs to be ordered when being served alcohol. This can work to your advantage and help create larger table orders. However, even if there isn't such a law in your area, many people will decide to order more food while they are drinking alcohol. Larger table orders mean more profit for your restaurant, as well as larger tips for your serving staff. Now that you know more about the benefits of serving alcohol, you may want to start working on a liquor license application.

To learn more about liquor licenses, see this website or other licensing services.